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Layout | Bon Iver gig poster

A great Twitter inspired poster for the excellent Bon Iver. I love the custom high contrast western wood type font. – Bon Iver.

Layout | Austin Energy Annual Report

Great looking annual report, with a lovely green eco-friendly feel to it. I like the subtle wavy lines in the design which give both the impression of a finger print, and also of stamps and travel.







French Paper Sample Room

via French Paper – Speckletone Kraft + Madero Beach.

Layout | Terri movie poster

Terri Poster – Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery.

Excellent looking movie poster for the film Terri. Substituting the table for the title is brilliantly executed, and also frees up real estate for all the other conventional movie poster elements.

Layout | Great British Food Eat It

I really like this poster, by colouring parts of the type red the longer sentence of Great British Food Eat It can be read.


via The Serif – Your daily dose of design inspiration – The Serif.

Layout | 2011 Balloon Calendar

It is the time for looking at beautiful calendars. Oh So Beautiful Paper has a large collection of them. The image below is easily my favourite with it’s wistful illustration and lovely colour palette.


Calendars | Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Layout | Australian Flood Relief Poster

A couple of great posters by Doug Sheets to raise money for those affected by the devastating floods in Queensland, Australia. Donations are to the Australian Red Cross.

Doug Sheets

via Australian Flood Relief Poster.

Layout | Beaujolais & Beyond Festival 2010

Three great ads for the Beaujolais and Beyong Festival 2010, showing traditional Denver images with French twists. The simple illustration style works very well with nice typography to match.

Beaujolais & Beyond Festival 2010: Cowboy

Beaujolais & Beyond Festival 2010: Mountain

Beaujolais & Beyond Festival 2010: Tap

Beaujolais & Beyond Festival 2010: Cowboy | Ads of the World™.

Layout | It is fun to print with YMCK

Next time you hear the rather tragic YMCA come on, try on the print friendly version instead: YMCK.

Graphic Everywhere

via Photo.

Layout | Printing choice

Interesting project here, where this person ordered the exact same business card from 5 different printers, and recieved 5 reasonably different cards back. This really illustrates how important it is to know your printer when producing collateral. Where I worked previously our corporate colours were grey and orange, and we had to work hard with our printers to get consistent orange.

business cards


Guy ordered the exact same business card from 5 of the top online printers on Google. Here’s what they’ve sent. | creativebits.


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