FreeFacing | Combining free fonts 1. Wit

I am starting a new section here on Layman’s Layout called FreeFacing. The concept is about making the most out of all the free fonts you have at your disposal. These fonts include those you can download, plus your Operating System fonts and those that come bundled with desktop publishing such as Adobe CS and Microsoft Office. There are plenty of poor free fonts out there, what I want to achieve in FreeFacing is showing the good available free fonts and how to use them.

I was inspired by the Hoefler & Frere-Jones article on combining fonts, using their fantastic fonts such as Gotham and Archer. So I have applied their four different methods of combining three different fonts using only free fonts.

1 – A palette with wit: use typefaces with complementary moods to evoke an upbeat, energetic air.

Combine three contrasting fonts such as a tough condensed sans-serif, a cheeky round humanist sans-serif and a sweet slab-serif.

FreeFacing | Combining Free Fonts 2. Energy
FreeFacing | Combining Free Fonts 3. Poise
FreeFacing | Combining Free Fonts 4. Dignity


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