Layout | Occupy Posters

Here are some great looking Occupy posters, largely in the style of old propaganda posters, but also like Saul Bass movie posters, taking off Facebook and other current trends. I think we are going to see more and more good art and design come out of this. It will be interesting what icons get taken up, such as the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta and the pie chart showing the 99%.


Posters from the #Occupy movement – occuprint.

  1. I like how some of these have a modern twist on an older theme, like #3.

  2. where were you able to find these posters. they are awesome!

  1. December 7th, 2011
  2. December 16th, 2011
  3. December 19th, 2011
  4. February 21st, 2012

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