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Here are some more good Occupy posters. Click here to see the previous post on the posters.

“All for One, Who for the 99?” Christopher Simmons

“When you’re in riot gear, everything looks like a riot.” John Emerson, Brooklyn, NY. (Source.) Download PDF.

“You Can Not Evict an Idea.” Via Occupy Philly.

Daniel Blackman. (Source.)

“Corporations are not people.” Joshua Field. (Source.) Download PDF.

Edd Baldry / Monkey Riot. Download PDF. (Source.)

Josh MacPhee. Brooklyn, NY. Download PDF. (Source.)

Josh MacPhee, Brooklyn, NY. Download PDF. (Source.)

Ray Cross, Bushwick, NY. Download PDF. (Source.)

Via  Download as PDF



Occupy Wall Street Posters.

  1. December 16th, 2011

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