Typography | 2011 serif catch up

There were plenty of great looking free serif faces released towards the end of 2011. Here are a few.

Poly is a nice, almost caligraphic old style available free in regular and italic.

Poly Sample

Cambo is an attractive old style serif face, notable for the yin shaped ball terminals

Cambo Sample

With chunky chamfered serifs, Enriqueta occupies the space between an old style and slab serif, coming in regular and bold.

Enriqueta Sample

Crete Round is a nice, slightly quirky slab serif. Some of the letters such as the capital L, Z and number 2 have vertical serifs on the end.

Crete Round Sample

Bree Serif is a bold slab serif similar to Rockwell.

Bree Serif Sample

Alfa Slab is more extreme, a heavy black weight slab serif

Alfa Slab Sample

Exljbris has released a new version of the popular art deco Geotica for the new year

Unna is a relatively low contrast Didone style hair line serif

Unna Sample



    • skt
    • January 20th, 2012

    Thanks a lot for the collection!

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