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Layout | Newcastle Festival of Dance Posters

I really like this poster series for the Newcastle Festival of Dance by Amy Rodchester. Polygon blocks were created at varying heights and arranged in a chessboard type pattern and topped by images of dancing feet. The arrangement then was photographed giving a slightly uneven pattern. The black and white photos of old fashioned shoes and the pastel tones give a nice vintage touch to what would otherwise be a very modern poster.

Design Work Life » Amy Rodchester: Newcastle Festival of Dance Posters.


Layout | Oliver Sacks Book Covers by Cardon Webb

A great series of book covers by Cardon Webb which when placed down together form a larger image.


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Layout | Sainsbury’s retro food labels

Some examples of food packaging from Sainsbury’s fro 1962-77. The labels show what can be achieved with simple bold shapes and paired down colour palettes.

Sainsbury's own label: Sainsbury's own label

Sainsbury's own label: Sainsbury's own label

Sainsbury's own label: Sainsbury's own label

Sainsbury's own label: Sainsbury's own label

Form Fifty Five

via Sainsbury’s Design Studio 1962-77.

via The Guardian

Layout | Crayola colour timeline

Cool Infographics

Lovely looking graph showing the evolution of Crayola crayon colours from 1903 to 2010. It is also interesting to see the evolution of this graph from a simple linear square, to a rainbow.

The rainbow is visually more appealing, as well as being clever with the colour allergy between the crayon’s and the rainbow.  The curved shape allows for easier viewing of the more recent colours, and also gives the impression of crayons layed out in a fan, with the inner trapezoidal shape mimicking a sharpened crayon head.

Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010

via The Crayon-Bow, Crayola Color Chart updated.

Layout | The Tweed Run London

Great poster for this year’s Tweed Run in London. I like the simple colour palette and the silhouette’s of two famous London landmarks in the background.

Tweed Run » The Tweed Run London – A metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style..

Layout | 2011 Balloon Calendar

It is the time for looking at beautiful calendars. Oh So Beautiful Paper has a large collection of them. The image below is easily my favourite with it’s wistful illustration and lovely colour palette.


Calendars | Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Layout | The Rolling Roadshow Rome

Great work for the Rome stop of the Rolling Roadshow by Alex Bloom. The Rolling Roadshow does outdoor screenings of movies in their locations. The Rome stop has Gladiator, Bicycle Thieves and La Dolce Vita. Would have been great to see Roman Holiday in there as well.

I love the style of creating patterns out of a central icon from the movie, combined with a nice colour palette.

Rolling Roadshow Rome Program Cover

Rolling Roadshow Gladiator Poster

Rolling Roadshow La Dolce Vita poster

Bicycle Thieves Poster

Rolling Roadshow Trifold, Map, and Tickets

Program Spreads

Alex Bloom Design.

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