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Layout | Newcastle Festival of Dance Posters

I really like this poster series for the Newcastle Festival of Dance by Amy Rodchester. Polygon blocks were created at varying heights and arranged in a chessboard type pattern and topped by images of dancing feet. The arrangement then was photographed giving a slightly uneven pattern. The black and white photos of old fashioned shoes and the pastel tones give a nice vintage touch to what would otherwise be a very modern poster.

Design Work Life » Amy Rodchester: Newcastle Festival of Dance Posters.


Layout | Neil J Rook Patterns

Neil illustrates some fantastic patterns.


Pattern Work – NJR.COM.

Layout | Austin Energy Annual Report

Great looking annual report, with a lovely green eco-friendly feel to it. I like the subtle wavy lines in the design which give both the impression of a finger print, and also of stamps and travel.







French Paper Sample Room

via French Paper – Speckletone Kraft + Madero Beach.

Layout | Library of inspiration

An amazing Flickr set from the personal library of typesticker, showing a large collection of inspirational typography, borders and layouts. I particularly love all the miniature books.

From The Library – a set on Flickr.

Layout | Sean Freeman Typography

Absolutely awesome typographical work by Sean Freeman. Below are some of the latest updates to his portfolio. Check our his website for older works. Sean creates perfectly balanaced letterforms, enhanced with great textures and effects.

Thereis band of horses 3

Thereis band of horses 2

Thereis all you need 3

Thereis all you need 2

Thereis wired fear 3

Thereis time out drugs 2

Thereis time out drugs 1

Thereis hot 1

Thereis cream 1

Thereis computer arts projects 4

Thereis onze metres 3

Thereis esquire 2

Sean Freeman // Band of Horses.

Layout | Jazz Journal

Great layout of the Jazz Journal. I love the lettering on the cover, the simple texture added by the black and white patterns, and block red to make elements stand out.


via Jazz Journal.

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