Packaging | BYO

Lovely Package

via BYO.

Hilarious idea, to put animate stickers onto wine bottles.




Packaging | Barbasol

Packagings of the World

via Barbasol Re-styling.

Very nice repackage of shaving cream, using sharp angles which really set off the DIN font and oversized numbers

Branding | Liechtenstein

Branding the Principality of Liechtenstein | creativeroots.

Wolff Olins has created a brand for the tiny country of Liechtenstein, bringing out it’s old money roots.

Layout | BBC’s digital services

BBC Internet Blog

via A new global visual language for the BBC’s digital services.

The BBC have published on their blog a detailed description of changes to their website framework, grids, headers, fonts and icons.





Typography | Evolution of taste

Jessica Hische

via My Evolution of Type Taste from Grade School to Present.

A catalog of Jessica Hische’s evolving typography likes through time. She didn’t include all of the crappy display fonts she liked in college because it’s too embarrassing.

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