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Layout | Oliver Sacks Book Covers by Cardon Webb

A great series of book covers by Cardon Webb which when placed down together form a larger image.


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Layout | Crayola colour timeline

Cool Infographics

Lovely looking graph showing the evolution of Crayola crayon colours from 1903 to 2010. It is also interesting to see the evolution of this graph from a simple linear square, to a rainbow.

The rainbow is visually more appealing, as well as being clever with the colour allergy between the crayon’s and the rainbow.  The curved shape allows for easier viewing of the more recent colours, and also gives the impression of crayons layed out in a fan, with the inner trapezoidal shape mimicking a sharpened crayon head.

Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010

via The Crayon-Bow, Crayola Color Chart updated.

Layout | Austin Energy Annual Report

Great looking annual report, with a lovely green eco-friendly feel to it. I like the subtle wavy lines in the design which give both the impression of a finger print, and also of stamps and travel.







French Paper Sample Room

via French Paper – Speckletone Kraft + Madero Beach.

Layout | The Tweed Run London

Great poster for this year’s Tweed Run in London. I like the simple colour palette and the silhouette’s of two famous London landmarks in the background.

Tweed Run » The Tweed Run London – A metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style..

Graph | Radiohead songs by genre

An interesting graph by Jamie Gurnell, plotting Radiohead songs and albums by genre.

Jamie Gurnell + Art Direction.

Layout | Photographic graphs

Great photographed graphs by Peter Orntoft that use their subject to display the information.

Layout | 2011 Balloon Calendar

It is the time for looking at beautiful calendars. Oh So Beautiful Paper has a large collection of them. The image below is easily my favourite with it’s wistful illustration and lovely colour palette.


Calendars | Oh So Beautiful Paper.

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