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Typography | Edmond Sans free font

The latest offering from the Lost Type Co-op is the excellent looking Edmond Sans. Edmond Sans is available to download free in Regular, Medium and Bold weights and features small caps, alternates and extended language support.

Lost Type Co-op | Edmondsans.


Typography | Tellural free font

Tellural is a friendly looking rounded sans-serif that comes with an alternative and in regular, italic, bold and bold italic free.

Tellural font by Nymphont – FontSpace.

Typography | Free Sans Serif downloads

Here are some good free sans-serif fonts that have popped up over the past couple of months.

Gandhi Sans is a great looking humanist sans-serif similar to Gill Sans. It comes in the four standard weights of regular, italic, bold and bold italic, making it very useful for standard Word processing. There is also a matching Gandhi Serif, the combination of the two is similar to Gill Sans and Perpetua.

Gandhi Sans Sample

Karla is a great looking open humanist sans-serif in the Swiss style, but with a bit of personality in the double storey g and wonky q. Karla is available in regular, italic, bold and bold italic.

Karla Sample

Oswald is a condensed bold humanist sans-serif, good for headlines and similar to Franklin Gothic Condensed.

Oswald Sample

Economica is a condensed geometric sans-serif with chamfered terminals and could be used as a display face for technology and SciFi. Economica is available in regular, italic, bold and bold italic.

Economica Sample

Titan One is a big friendly looking heavy humanist sans-serif. It gives the impression of comics and brush strokes.

Titan One Sample

Typography | Sofia Light free font

You can download the light weight of Sofia free from FontSpring. Sofia is an open round geometric sans serif, sort of like if Futura was crossed with DIN.

Sofia Pro Font Poster

Sofia Pro Font and @Font-Face Webfont by Mostardesign | Fontspring.

Font Squirrel | Free Font Amble by Punchcut

Amble is a nice looking and highly legible font family available to download free. The font is available in light condensed, light, regular, bold weights all with matching italics. Amble is like a slightly more open version of Verdana. My only issue with the font is the slightly strange upper case K.

Amble Sample

Amble Sample

Amble Sample


Font Squirrel | Free Font Amble by Punchcut.

Typography | Metropolis free font

Metropolis is a great looking art deco display face free to download.

Metropolis free font | Fontfabric™.

Typography | Web Serveroff free font

Web Serveroff is a nice looking condensed light monoline geometric sans-serif free to download in a regular and italic.

Web Serveroff Sample

Font Squirrel | Free Font Web Serveroff by Web Hosting Geeks.

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