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Typography | FontFuse

FontFuse could become a great resource for font pairing and inspiration. You can trawl through the galleries of different pairs, or submit your own. As most designers know, coming up with good font pairs can be difficult.


Cool Font Pairings | FontFuse.


Layout | Typefaces of the World poster

The Typefaces of the World poster is a very pretty poster, highlighting the origin of 50 popular typefaces alphabetically, and listing the date and author.

The idea is to familiarise designers with the origin of the type, so as to be able to better use the different faces. I think a timeline element would add to this, maybe by lengthening the line accordingly.

WANKEN – The Blog of Shelby White » Showcased Work: Typefaces of the World Poster.

Typography | Lato Free Font

Lato is an excellent looking humanist sans serif which is free to download from the Google font directory. The font is open source and free to use on websites. All 10 weights are free, from Hairline to Black including italics.

Via Typophile

Lato Font Family – Google Font Directory.

Typography | Say it fat

Say It Fat is a great looking heavy weight open type sans-serif for use as a bold display face which is free to download.

26plus-zeichen » Say it fat.

Typography | Nikaia Free Font

Nikaia is a great looking angular sans-serif, with three desktop and @Font-Face weights free to download from Font Spring; regular, italic and script.

Nikaia Font Poster


Nikaia Font and @Font-Face Webfont by Miller Type Foundry | Fontspring.

Typography | Capsuula free font

Capsuula is a great looking geometric sans-serif with nice curves, and personality from the unbounded counters.


Typography | DJ Kitchen free dingbat font

I am currently looking at putting together a cookbook for personal use of recipes from mine and other food blogs.

I had a great idea of using food icons as bullets for each recipe step which would give a clue as to the type of cooking in each step. For example, a knife for cutting, pot for boiling, pan for frying etc.

I just found DJ Kitchen Font, a free dingbat font of kitchen utensils – perfect.

DJ Kitchen font by Donna J Morse – FontSpace.

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