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Layout | Typographer Ryan Gosling

Typographer Ryan Gosling is a very funny tumblr blog using Ryan Gosling to talk about typography.

Typographer Ryan Gosling.

Typography | Cursive Q is 2 legit 2 Quit

Absurd Overheard contains humorous illustrations of snippets of overheard conversations. Today’s panel has a typography focus.

“I’ll never forget the cursive Q, that 2-looking mofo.” 
-Joseph Hughes (@nczeitgeist) via Twitter

Absurd Overheard – “I’ll never forget the cursive Q, that 2-looking….

Typography | Superhero alphabet

Nice superhero alphabet

Using a Typeface, Designer Depicts 26 Superheroes –

Layout | Keep Kiwi and Stay Sweet As

I love all the Keep Calm and Carry On posters and their variations. Below is a New Zealand version that I thought of using a typical Kiwi phrase. The poster below was generated using the Keep Calm-o-matic using Avenir 65.

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Image Generator – brought to you by the Ministry of Information.

Layout | Comic Sans Criminal

Nicely laid out background to why we all hate Comic Sans.

Geekiz Magazine

via Comic Sans Criminal.

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