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Typography | Web Serveroff free font

Web Serveroff is a nice looking condensed light monoline geometric sans-serif free to download in a regular and italic.

Web Serveroff Sample

Font Squirrel | Free Font Web Serveroff by Web Hosting Geeks.


Typography | Exo free font family

In a rare occurrence for free type families, you can download the whole 18 fonts that make up the extensive Exo. The font comes in thin, extra light, light, regular, medium, demi-bold, bold and extra bold, all with matching true italics. All weights have small caps, alternates, ligatures and different number formats in the open type system. The combinations of the different weights lend this to being able to be used in a large range of products. The font itself is a geometric sans-serif similar to Klavika (the Facebook font).

ndiscovered :: Exo Font Family.

Typography | Static free font

Static is a friendly looking rounded geometric sans serif font designed by Slava Kirilenko. The font is available to download free in two weights (regular and bold) with matching obliques.

Static free font | Fontfabric™.

Typography | Nomed Free Font

Nomed is an interesting abstract geometric sans serif free to download.

Nomed Font on Typography Served.

Typography | RBNo2 free font

RBNo2 is a nice looking sans-serif available free in a light and alternative light weight. The font is highly geometric with a large x-height and a slightly condensed width.

RBNo2 free font | Fontfabric™.

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