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Layout | A comprehensive history of type

Good infographic on the history of type design and the anatomy of type through to the number of fonts available and their use on the web.

Below is a small portion of the full infographic. Click to go through the the website to view the full version.

Bold & Justified: The Typographic Universe in One Infographic | The FontFeed.


Layout | A (Brief) History of Western Typefaces

A brief history of modern Western typefaces from Mashable

A History of Western Typefaces [INFOGRAPHIC].

Layout | Feltron 2010 Annual Report

It is time again for the excellent Feltron Report, now up to it’s sixth edition. For those that do not know, the annual Feltron Report is a brilliant collection of infographics by Nicholas Felton usually about what he got up to during the year.

The 2010 report is slightly different, in that it is about his Father’s life, and all the resources he could find to report on his life.

As usual the graphics are top notch, and the typography is excellent.
















Nicholas Felton |

Layout | Hamlet Diagram Poster

I cannot find a high res version, but this diagram of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is awesome. Events and relationships in the play have been boiled down into symbols and linked to show each act and the whole play on a single page.

hamlet diagram poster

hamlet poster 2

hamlet poster 3

hamlet poster 4


Hamlet Diagram Poster | Design Milk.

Layout | Living Planet Report Infographics

Great looking infographics by WWF on the effect of diet and ecological footprint on the world.

The first graphic shows that if we all ate like those from the US, by 2050 we would have consumed three planets of natural resources.

The second graphic shows that while high income countries have continued to grow the number of resources consumed per person, it has come at the expense of middle and low income countries.

Both infographics have been presented beautifully, particularly the second one with the attractive rainbow bar chart and map connecting onto the line chart at the bottom.

WWF – Living Planet Report Infographics.

Layout | Taxonomy posters of beer and rap

Two great taxonomy posters, beer and rappers.


Graph | 500 years of Science

A subway map of the top scientists from the past 500 years. Scientists are stops, and the different fields are the lines, with cross overs where scientists worked in multiple fields.

This would have been a large task to complete, and the idea is brilliant. Some of the alignment and shapes could be improved in future versions.

Cool Infographics – Cool Infographics – Subway Science: 500 Years of Great┬áScientists.

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