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Layout | Time Person of the Year 2011 is the Protestor

Time’s person of the year is the protester, in honour of the protests in Arab uprisings, Greece, Occupy and Moscow. The cover is by Shepherd Fairey in the manner of his famous Obama Hope poster. It will be interesting to see whether this image starts to get used in the Occupy movement.

Wooster Collective

via Shepard Fairey’s TIME Person Of The Year Cover.


Layout | New York Times in Lego

Another great cover for the New York Times style magazine, this time using everyone’s favourite toy – Lego. View more versions  of the iconic T here and here.

Block Party -

Block Party –

Layout | Vanity Fair Best Dressed List

Nice typography for the Vanity Fair 100 Best dressed list by VolumeOne.

Volumeone | Type | Vanity Fair Best Dressed List.

Layout | Creative Review Type Annual 2011

Creative Review’s Type Annual is out now. I love the cover lettering, drawn by Jonathan Puckey. As usual, the interior is nicely laid out over strict grids.


Creative Review – CR February 11 issue: Type Annual.

Layout | All 2010 Vogue covers overlaid

Interesting project looking at the cover of Vogue magazine. Every cover for 2010 was laid over each over for each country, and also for all countries. Below are the All countries, Australia, Paris and United Kingdom. The site has many more. The first thing noticeable is that all magazines use the Vogue masthead perfectly. The second is that there is always a person in the center. The third is that the text is all over the place with little rhythm or rhyme.

All countries



United Kingdom


fashin: Vogue on Vogue on Vogue etc..

Layout | Sean Freeman Typography

Absolutely awesome typographical work by Sean Freeman. Below are some of the latest updates to his portfolio. Check our his website for older works. Sean creates perfectly balanaced letterforms, enhanced with great textures and effects.

Thereis band of horses 3

Thereis band of horses 2

Thereis all you need 3

Thereis all you need 2

Thereis wired fear 3

Thereis time out drugs 2

Thereis time out drugs 1

Thereis hot 1

Thereis cream 1

Thereis computer arts projects 4

Thereis onze metres 3

Thereis esquire 2

Sean Freeman // Band of Horses.

Layout | Eye Magazine Poetry Layouts

Eye Magazine’s Flickr photostream is full of clean layouts with great illustrations from their poetry edition

Flickr: eyemagazine’s Photostream.

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