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Layout | Newcastle Festival of Dance Posters

I really like this poster series for the Newcastle Festival of Dance by Amy Rodchester. Polygon blocks were created at varying heights and arranged in a chessboard type pattern and topped by images of dancing feet. The arrangement then was photographed giving a slightly uneven pattern. The black and white photos of old fashioned shoes and the pastel tones give a nice vintage touch to what would otherwise be a very modern poster.

Design Work Life » Amy Rodchester: Newcastle Festival of Dance Posters.


Layout | Neil J Rook Patterns

Neil illustrates some fantastic patterns.


Pattern Work – NJR.COM.

Packaging | Universal wrapping paper

Brilliant idea for wrapping paper, allowing you to give a present for any occasion.

universal wrapping paper

universal wrapping paper

universal wrapping paper

universal wrapping paper

David Airey

via Universal wrapping paper.

Layout | Photographic graphs

Great photographed graphs by Peter Orntoft that use their subject to display the information.

Layout | Library of inspiration

An amazing Flickr set from the personal library of typesticker, showing a large collection of inspirational typography, borders and layouts. I particularly love all the miniature books.

From The Library – a set on Flickr.

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