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Packaging | Insect collectors

Beautifully designed set for insect collectors with a clean modern interpretation of the vintage Victorian style.

packaging | UQAM | Sylvain Allard.


Layout | Atmosphere and Earth posters

Great looking silkscreen print posters by Brainstorm showing the different sections of the atmosphere and earth’s core.

Crafty Bastards 2010 | Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Graph | 500 years of Science

A subway map of the top scientists from the past 500 years. Scientists are stops, and the different fields are the lines, with cross overs where scientists worked in multiple fields.

This would have been a large task to complete, and the idea is brilliant. Some of the alignment and shapes could be improved in future versions.

Cool Infographics – Cool Infographics – Subway Science: 500 Years of Great Scientists.

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