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Typography | Free serif font downloads

I have not been keeping up with posting all the great free fonts that have been coming out of late. There have particularly been plenty of serif fonts. Here is a collection that have come out in the past couple of months.

Gandhi serif is an excellent looking workhorse serif available in the four standard regular, italic, bold and bold italic weights. Gandhi serif also has a matching sans-serif in the same weights. The serif and sans-serif pairings are similar to Gill sans and Perpetua.

Gandhi Serif Sample

Patua One is a bold display font with large chamfered slab serifs.

Patua One Sample

Tienne is similar with chamfered slab serifs, and is available in regular, bold and heavy.

Tienne Sample

Foro is a full on slab serif with plenty of personality. Part of a large family, the light weight is free.

Foro Specimen

Hagin is a condensed serif with large pointed serifs. The font is in capitals and small caps and is for headlines and display purposes. Hagin comes in Light and Medium weights free.

Trykker is an oldstyle serif

Trykker Sample

Trocchi is a slab serif with some archer style ball terminals on the C, G, J and S. Trocchi comes in Regular and Bold weights free.

Trocchi Sample

Yokawerad is a bold high contrast display face in the Bodoni still, but with some cutouts such as you find in cyrillic fonts.

Yokawerad Sample

Rosarivo is a calligraphic oldstyle serif in regular and matching italics

Rosarivo Sample

Finally Simonetta is a lovely sloping old style serif available in regular, italic, black and black italic.

Simonetta Sample


Typography | 2011 serif catch up

There were plenty of great looking free serif faces released towards the end of 2011. Here are a few.

Poly is a nice, almost caligraphic old style available free in regular and italic.

Poly Sample

Cambo is an attractive old style serif face, notable for the yin shaped ball terminals

Cambo Sample

With chunky chamfered serifs, Enriqueta occupies the space between an old style and slab serif, coming in regular and bold.

Enriqueta Sample

Crete Round is a nice, slightly quirky slab serif. Some of the letters such as the capital L, Z and number 2 have vertical serifs on the end.

Crete Round Sample

Bree Serif is a bold slab serif similar to Rockwell.

Bree Serif Sample

Alfa Slab is more extreme, a heavy black weight slab serif

Alfa Slab Sample

Exljbris has released a new version of the popular art deco Geotica for the new year

Unna is a relatively low contrast Didone style hair line serif

Unna Sample



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